MATChE Webinar #2: Organisation

Om denne præsentation

I dette webinar vil du lære om parathed i din organisation, hvilket er en måling af virksomhedens interne forretningsmæssige evner til at implementere nye koncepter såsom Cirkulær Økonomi. Webinaret foregik online den 26. januar kl. 15:00 - 15:30 og præsenteres af Professor Tim C. McAloone på engelsk. 

Q&A from the webinar

How can the results for the statistics dashboards and its data be referenced?
- We are currently writing a full report with all the industry data, which can be referenced. So, keep an eye out for that, we will announce it on our LinkedIn.

From the actual engagement with companies, which aspect (in the four questions) do the companies find the most challenging to act upon?
- From our work with companies through the MATChE Accelerator and other projects, companies are most worried about taking the risk at investing in CE initiatives. And then, how do we actually define a clear business case. Those two aspects are the most challenging, but also the most important.

What is the geographical distribution of the companies that participated in the evaluation?
38 countries are represented in our data. It spans from Brazil, the US and Canada, most European countries, through China, India and Australia. So many countries are covered, but some more represented than others. Specifically looking at Europe, we are lacking some Eastern representation, as Poland, Hungary and Finland are the easternmost representative countries in our data.

So far the building material companies seems to be in the front in many CE areas. Do you have an explanation for this?
- A lot of studies and media attention has pointed at the building and construction sector as the one with the most potential (both economically and environmentally). This is probably an explanation of why these companies are further in their readiness for circular economy. Which is great – because it is also the sector that should be doing a lot to improve their circularity.

Is it possible to download the images shown in the tools?
- Yes, you can do that from our website after signing in.       

Have you identified any differences between B2B and B2C companies?
- We have more assessments from B2B companies, which indicate that there is a big interest in the area of providing new circularity initiatives to other companies. We also see that B2B and B2C companies in general have a similar readiness, especially in the organizational aspect.
- In relation to B2G (business to government), it seems that they are a little bit lacking behind in relation to the two aforementioned, which is probably due to the less flexible agreements those companies have with the local government. So, there is potential to look deeper into that and explore how we can also bring circularity into the government sector.

How does a company gain access to the MATChE platform if they should want to?
- You basically go to and create an account. It is free of charge, and then you can start assessing your organisation and inviting colleagues in, to improve the assessment of your business units. I recommend that you watch our first webinar, which is a guided tour of how the platform works. 

What is the difference between your tool for measuring readiness as compared to Ellen MacArthur’s Circulytics and the maturity tool of WBCSD?
- The main difference is that MATChE focuses on helping companies to go from a linear to a circular economy, by understanding through the eight different dimensions what the company’s strengths and gaps are. Based on this, a transition path is formed, where we also support the prioritization of the dimensions to get started through the development of roadmaps.
- The MATChE platform also gives you access to all of the practical tools that support the journey of understanding the opportunities, to prioritizing the transition and finally implementing and getting ready.
- Furthermore, you can use MATChE to benchmark your company’s CE score against your competing sector, and measure your evolution over time, which can be used for communication and is a good dashboard for top management.


Det første skridt i enhver omstilling er at have en fornemmelse af den nuværende situation og en beslutning for hvor man skal starte. Men hvordan finder du din virksomheds cirkulære potentialer og hvordan kan du vide du er parat til at forfølge dem? MATChE Parathedsvurdering er et gratis online værktøj, som muliggør, at du og dine kollegaer kan vurdere jeres virksomheds omstillingsparathed til en cirkulær økonomi, forstå jeres styrker og svagheder og definere det rette fokusområde for jeres virksomhed at koncentrere jeres omstilling på først. Bagved vurderingen i parathed og processen til at øge virksomheders parathed til en cirkulær økonomi ligger MATChE metodologien. Metodologien bygger på forskning og videnskabelige studier udført ved Danmarks Tekniske Universitet. Den tager stilling til 8 dimensioner af forretningsaktiviteter, som er kritiske at have for øje i en omstilling til cirkulær økonomi. Den flerdimensionelle fremgangsmåde er en nødvendighed, da Cirkulær Økonomi er bredt emne, som kan berøre alle felter indenfor din virksomhed.

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