MATChE Webinar #3: Innovation af strategi & forretnings model

Om denne præsentation

I dette webinar vil du lære om parathed i din strategi og forretningsmodel, som måler evnerne til at udvikle en langsigtet strategi, hvilket er koblet til udviklingen af nye forretningsmodeller, som effektivt kan levere øget konkurrenceevne og vækst. Webinaret foregik online den 26. januar kl. 15:30 - 16:00 og præsenteres af Professor Daniela Pigosso på engelsk.

Q&A from the webinar

Do you know the reasons why the electronic sector has the lowest readiness? This is surprisingly interesting because there are a number of directives that explicitly require electronic sectors to take action, while your data shows otherwise.
- Because of the directives about eco-design in particular along with the legislation, which the electronics industry is very driven by, we are seeing that the bar is being raised in general. On the other hand, a lot of the initiatives and business model cases that we have seen in our platform have not had the same baseline raise over the years. Also, other sectors like Food & Beverage, and Construction has relatively higher score because of the increased attention over the recent years, again contributing to a relatively lower score for the Electronics industry.

Is there a way to download the data dashboard shown in the webinar?
- If you sign up on MATChE you can compare yourself with other companies in all sectors, countries etc. The data analytics shown in the presentation today are not publicly available at this moment, but we are looking into publishing it through a paper. Stay tuned on our LinkedIn for this.

How to identify the business model to go for?
- There is indeed lots of research looking into how to identify the opportunities for new business models through considering aspects like customer insights, competitors and conducting benchmarking in both sustainability and circularity potential.
- These are all very important input data, that can be supported by tools that aggregate of different business model patterns. I recommend you explore the Business Model Pattern Cards from the CIRCit Project, that help defining which business model patterns should be in scope for your organisation.

What are the measurement scales and units?
- For every specific question in the platform the scale goes from 0 to 5 points where 1 means not really started yet or understanding the potential, and 5 means scaling up the different initiatives. In order to be able to calculate the overall score, what we have is an overall scale from 0 to 25 so and the 11 basically shows the sum of all of the five scores for this specific dimensions. In this way, all the questions have the same score and can be compared.

New Revenue Streams had the lowest general score, and the points are mainly in the early phases. Any input on that in comparison to the other categories?
- Yes, there are many pilots out there and lots of focus on the long-term strategy elements of CE business potential, but currently very few cases of successfully scaled new businesses. We are working on making fuller reports on this matter and will upload it on the website. Stay tuned on LinkedIn for announcements on this.   

Apart from the webinars here, how can I take a further deep dive into your tools in order to assist Danish companies to transform into circular models?
- You are more than welcome to go in and try the platform, it's completely free to try it out.
- If you're a manufacturing company, you can use the platform and its tools to actually start your transition and understand where you stand.
- If you're an academic, a consultant or from another sector than manufacturing, we would love to get your opinion on how we can expand the MATChE platform in the future. Either in terms of new stakeholders; like service providers or consultants or looking into new sectors like agri-food, maritime, raw materials, and so forth.

Do any of your tools provide support in changing top management focus on operational take-back solutions to strategic circular business models?
- Yes, definitely. Looking into the readiness for CE is the first step for companies to understand that CE goes much beyond take-back and recycling solutions. I would definitely recommend you to have a look into this link for Circular Economy Business Modelling.


Det første skridt i enhver omstilling er at have en fornemmelse af den nuværende situation og en beslutning for hvor man skal starte. Men hvordan finder du din virksomheds cirkulære potentialer og hvordan kan du vide du er parat til at forfølge dem? MATChE Parathedsvurdering er et gratis online værktøj, som muliggør, at du og dine kollegaer kan vurdere jeres virksomheds omstillingsparathed til en cirkulær økonomi, forstå jeres styrker og svagheder og definere det rette fokusområde for jeres virksomhed at koncentrere jeres omstilling på først. Bagved vurderingen i parathed og processen til at øge virksomheders parathed til en cirkulær økonomi ligger MATChE metodologien. Metodologien bygger på forskning og videnskabelige studier udført ved Danmarks Tekniske Universitet. Den tager stilling til 8 dimensioner af forretningsaktiviteter, som er kritiske at have for øje i en omstilling til cirkulær økonomi. Den flerdimensionelle fremgangsmåde er en nødvendighed, da Cirkulær Økonomi er bredt emne, som kan berøre alle felter indenfor din virksomhed.

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