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Making the transition to Circular Economy

Circular economy is the decoupling of value creation from consumption of resources. With the circular economy we shift the discussion from how do we get customers to buy and consume more, to how do we generate continuous value from the same resources by circulating products through multiple use-cycles, prolonging the lifespan, and by considering the disposal and utilization of the resources at the End-of-Life.

Circular Economy can provide many new opportunities for your company's competitiveness and create positive impact for both people, profit and planet. However, getting ready for the circular economy is no easy feat.

That’s why MATChE is here.

We help you and your company become ready to transition to circular economy implementing new circular solutions. We enable you to understand where your potential lies, explore what opportunities for circular initiatives you have, and lay out the steps needed to execute and scale circular initiatives in your business.

What is a Circular Economy?

Assessing readiness to transition

Having a sense of the current situation and defining where to start, is the first step in any transition.

But how can you know where your opportunities for circular economy lie and how ready you are to act on them?

The MATChE Readiness Assessment is a free online tool, that allows you and your colleagues to assess your company’s readiness for circular economy, understand your strengths and opportunities, and define the right area of the company to focus your transition on first.

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MATChE’s methodology and 8 dimensions for CE

Behind the assessment and process for increasing company readiness for circular economy is the MATChE methodology. The methodology builds on research and scientific studies done at the Technical University of Denmark, considers 8 dimensions of business operations that is critical to consider, for transitioning to a circular business. The multi-dimensional approach is needed, as circular economy is a wide ranging topic, that can include all areas of your company.

That is also why, it is important to remember that your company does not have to live up to the circular principles in all dimensions right away. A transition to circular economy is a step-by-step process, that is often best stimulated through a series of projects used as stepping stones towards the goal of circularity.

Transition paths to a circular economy

To go from a circular economy strategy or intention and make it end up in real, value creating business initiatives, can be tricky. With MATChE we have created transition paths to help you go from the strategic discussions, to operational and effective initiatives.

Our transition paths are based on research-projects done with 15 cross sectorial companies, with the goal to explore the most effective way of transitioning to circular economy.

Understand Readiness
Explore strategic opportunities
Define direction
Develop initiative
Evaluate & plan implementation

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Our path to transition the industry

Some of our data collected on the MATChE platform regarding the readiness of the Danish industry.

Companies on platform
Readiness score of the manufacturing industry
Total assessments
Engaged industry sectors

What companies are saying

A universe of knowledge

There is a lot of information on circular economy, so where should you get started?

We at MATChE have tried to collect the best sources of cases, tools and readings, to help expand your knowledge base.

If you a new to the concept of a circular economy, or if you want to align you and your colleagues on what it means, then visit this part of the knowledge universe to get a quick brush-up.

Explore our introduction to a circular economy to get a crash course and our take on the concept before starting your transition.

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We have described and collected a number of cases, that are helpful to the understanding circular economy and how companies can work with new circular initiatives.

Explore our collection and find the ones that can help your company in your transition process.

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We have collected a number of articles, books and reports that are helpful to getting a deeper understanding of the circular economy and the development of businesses and initiatives.

Explore our collection and find the ones that can help your company in your transition process.

Explore the theoretical basis of the circular economy and MATChE platform.

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We have collected a set of tools and best practices for you, that can help you implement circular economy to your own business context and help you develop new circular initiatives. Complete the readiness assessment to get a recommended set of tools and full access to downloading the tools.

Explore our collection and find the ones that can help you in your transition process.

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