MATChE Webinar Series #7: Use, Support & Maintenance

This Webinar Episode

In this webinar you will learn about readiness of ‘Use, Support & Maintenance’, which measures the capabilities need to provide enhanced maintenance and repair services, aiming at an extended value creation from the provided solutions. The webinar took place Jan 28, 15:30 - 16:00 and is presented by Professor Daniela Pigosso. 

Q&A from the webinar

Are you planning to integrate third megatrend (urbanisation and its influences) for CE into further research?
- Urbanisation is an important area for CE and should be looked into to increase how circular our cities, regions and countries are. We are looking into how we can expand the MATChE platform into more than just the manufacturing sector. We hope to receive all your inputs for this or other potentials for the future MATChE platform.

Have you investigated the case where the repair is made in other country and the product need to be transport? In this case, you are more eco-friendly (product wise), but, there is also a transport impact, mainly with emissions and handling. What are your insights about this?
- We should be very aware of the rebound effects, and whether we have the right infrastructure to provide repair and maintenance services. We urge companies to of course use local sub-contractors for this. This focus in relevant both in terms of a cost and an environmental perspective.

Why do you think the B2B sector is rather low in this area? Wouldn’t long lasting relationships concerning service and maintenance for products especially between companies be of interest?
- Many of the companies that are requiring heavy machinery have their own maintenance departments that are responsible for repairing the products they own. For those companies, it would be a big change to allow access through all suppliers to support the maintenance and repair of all their assets.

Assuming catering to the government (B2G) puts certain requirements for companies (hence higher maintenance service), what other factors can enable faster adoption of support/maintenance strategies by B2B and B2C?
- Green public procurement is a hidden champion in terms of sustainability transition and practise. Increasing regulation in terms of longer life of products is very likely, and that might affect especially the B2C companies.

Why are sharing systems so low?
- Usually sharing systems, that we think of, are developed by third parties that purchase products from manufacturers. Our data is coming from manufacturing companies, and sharing systems is still quite new for them. But a many exploring and moving from actual sales into the product/service systems, and we expect that they will be more likely to implement more sharing systems, not only for B2C but also B2B.

About MATChE

Having a sense of the current situation and defining where to start, is the first step in any transition. But how can you know where your opportunities for circular economy lie and how ready you are to act on them? The MATChE Readiness Assessment is a free online tool, that allows you and your colleagues to assess your company’s readiness for circular economy, understand your strengths and opportunities, and define the right area of the company to focus your transition on first. Behind the assessment and process for increasing company readiness for circular economy is the MATChE methodology. The methodology builds on research and scientific studies done at the Technical University of Denmark, considers 8 dimensions of business operations that is critical to consider, for transitioning to a circular business. The multi-dimensional approach is needed, as circular economy is a wide ranging topic, that can include all areas of your company.

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